Friday, September 4, 2009

Artwork in Slough highstreet

It incorporates designs developed by artist Bhajan Hunjan, through workshops with Fusion, a local dance company for young people.

Poetry from around the world is being hand carved on sections of granite - in the paving, around trees and on the granite plinths and benches.

One of the carvingsThroughout the High Street there are 10 poems carved into the granite in languages representing many of the communities who have chosen to make their home in Slough – Welsh, Punjabi, Urdu, Arabic, Polish, Caribbean French, Iranian, Hebrew, Mandarin and Turkish.

Each poem is carved in its original language alongside an English translation.

Artist Alec Peever said: “When poets write, their poems are normally printed in books but now the poems have been carved and are a permanent fixture there to be read every day.

One of the main pieces of poetry in the centre square, I walked past in many times but actually took the time out to read it, Below is a video below :

it reads: Far far away on a distant planet
There lies a stone unseen untouched
It can be seen only with closed eyes
As you see your loved ones
Amarjit Chandan – Punjabi

It's a inspiring way of bringing people from many different backgrounds together to show the diverse range of culture's that reside in one community.

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