Sunday, September 6, 2009


I really love the way the make- brand gosh has managed to bring so much like an artist flair to the everyday retail consumer. They use a face as a blank canvass, the consistency of the colour is strong and potent.
They've pushed the boundaries of going for the typical pretty,dewy girl next door look that many make -up brands support instead going for a much more edgey, funky campaign. They bring a bit more vibrance to the industry quite an inspiring way of breaking the mould of highstreet trends.
They seem to support a sort of futurists style, please see below some really great examples of using art in every form of daily life:

Seeing the use of artist flair an colour used makes me want to explore more using different mediums and the need to experiment more with everyday objects and imagining everything as a blank canvass. Do not shy away from using real colour. Check out there website at

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