Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Be careful you don't catch a virus from networking

I came across this animation video, It's a video that was uploaded by esayteam ( January 2009). I clicked on the link and found that www.esay-uk.com is aa e-commerce shopping website with a social marketplace where you can log on, create a profile and be part of forums.

The video has a little intro:
Are you addicted to social networking? then be careful not to max out and be careful who you interact with, you never know what you may catch.

The video is basically a short skit to encourage awareness of 'practicing safe shopping online' which is a play on the common known phrase' practicing safe sex'.

It's a funny little video set at a gynecologists surgery, it uses social networking sites and social networking tools such as' poking' on facebook as a form of STD or virus that may catch by not practicing safe online shopping'

I think its a good way of using a common underlying issues of sexually transmitted disease and and using this theme to reiterate the danger of social networking ( which is also pretty common in the younger generation) and putting a humorous twist on it.

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