Wednesday, September 9, 2009

By Lauren Luke

I know its not an inspiring piece of art but I think it's inspiring to see how a regular woman has got the opportunity of a life time and created a career out of setting up make- up tutorials through using viral online media ( youtube).
She has been approach but one the the largest cosmetics brand Barry M (who are well knows for their use of colour and artistic flair) to complete on-line tutorials for their website.

She is now a celebrity in the cosmetic business and has now launched her own make- up brand Lauren Luke and has her own website where she has designed pallets that create individual looks ( supporting the tutorials she originally uploaded on youtube).

I'm also liking the artwork on her website and her make-up brand, its fresh and funky instead of being professional and expensive, I think the reason why she's such a hit is because she's an average joe doing something she loves, I like the idea of aspiring to something that is real and not out of reach

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