Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The phenomenon that is FACEBOOK!

Social networking has seem to become quite a big interest of mine as it has become such a quick and largely growing industry phenomenon.
I've highlighted Mark Elliot Zuckerberg facebook ( launched in 2004) as I've never been one for sharing all my details with random people online but even I find myself using it!

I remember when I started University ( 3 years ago) teachers and students suggest we all join this website as it was not a public networking site but a private network mainly for university students, so I thought yeah why not it;s a good way of getting in touch people on my course etc.

Since those three years it has become a world wide public site and anyone of any age can join( so yeah its like any other social networking site)!
Well no, the speed in which facebook has grown is immense in comparison to similair sites such as bebo and myspace which have been around for years. The publicity facebook has developed is massive, I think this is only website that has developed mass awareness in a positive way. I would say its one of the most most popular and commonly used site with people having their parents as friends!

Even having a separate facebook application on the iphone and blackberry goes over my head.

Large companies, organisations and business's are using facebook as a platform for promotion and advertising with links like ' find us on facebook' and setting up their own facebook groups and pages which allowing the general public to 'join' groups or 'become' fans.

Ive seen facebook used in product placement through different forms of media, through song a more commonly the TV. For example I was watching Hollyoaks ( not the most broad porgram, I know) and they were discussing facbook updates.

I often find myself hearing and reading terms such as 'facebooking' ' facebook stalking' and 'facebook raped'. When did something like rape become a part of popular culture?

I've got a few questions that I think I need to research

Is some like facebook and social networking going to take over meeting up with someone and having a real chat face to face?
What is peoples need to social networking?
Is it craze or do people have a real dependancy to it, if so why?
Is social networking bringing about a whole new language?

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