Monday, September 28, 2009

Modern art

I came across a blog about modern art by a guy called Dave Munger

"Today we decided to do something different and headed for the Georges Pompidou Center, where the national galleries of modern art are housed. Some fascinating stuff there, including some works which attempted to question the very nature of art itself. Jim was particularly perplexed by this piece:"

The 'modern art' consists of three plain white panels hung on the wall. The artist says that the colour white represents nothing at all.

I've been to the Georges Pompidou Center myself ( it was a few years ago) but I do remember seeing some very creative and fascinating pieces of modern art that evoke emotion and cause a general stir.

So how is hanging three white canvasses on a wall art?

I know art is meant to be interpreted in many different forms, expressive and can be pretty random. But isn't this being pure lazy?

I used to love painting and seeing something like this has inspired my to actually want to create meaningful art, something that a lot of thought an depth has gone into. A piece of work to be proud of.

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