Sunday, September 20, 2009

Urban Art

I came across another blog where I found some very interesting images of urban grafitti photography courtesy of PhotoSIG.Visit the website on to take a look at some really great photos from everyday photographers.

Graffitti has been an interest of mine, yes I know it is illegal and can be distructive, but it can also create some amazingly emotional pieces of artwork.
The graffitti ( done by unknown artists) is so raw and intense, which I feel is what real art is all about. Something that is created in a moment of raw passion that could probably not be created again.

I love urban art and the sub culture that graffitti has created, I feel there is real colour culture that can be seen through a lot of street art that you would never see in a art museum. If we could consider every surface medium are place as a blank canvass I think that some underground artist's would be abe create some pretty amazing artwork.
personally seeing some graffitti that you can see has been really though about and worked on is more inticing and though provoking than seeing a piece of 'modern art'

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