Thursday, July 23, 2009

Social Media

When a young singer used United Airlines as a means of travel, traveling with him was his beloved guitar. During the flight his guitar very badly handled and cost him over $12,000 to restore it back to its original condition..
So instead of a complaint letter, the band "Sons of Maxwell" decided to post a music video about the experience and the destruction of his guitar it was aimed at United Airlines .

According to the BBC United Airlines Stock is down 180 Million dollars this only goes to prove that bad cutomer service costs you in the end.
I along with companies didn't realise how strong and influential the power of online media can be .
Media through press and TV on its own if a very powerful thing and can help the growth or demise of anything they please, but I think now with this new information business will be more aware.

When i came to work today I overhead some of my colleagues discussing the song and forwarding the youtube links to one another. Its amazing to see how something like this can spread so quickly the resources are so readily available through the internet.
Yes it is word of mouth, but now is is so easy to know what is going on socially and quickly check it out on the internet instead of having to read a newspaper or what the TV.
Most people in this modern era use the internet, people rely on it as a daily dose of gossip, if its not through the computer its on their blackberry or iphone.
I do wonder what society would do if they only had basic amenities would they be able to survive?

Thursday, July 16, 2009 118 247

I'm currently working on a a placement with Yellow pages so I am always intrigued to see what new material they release.

When the new 118 247 advert was released I didn't know what to think.
I did a bit of research and found that it features Magic Trevor which is basically a
character that shot to internet stardom by featuring on the weebl website.
See the link below to see some of his early stuff :

IF you check out the youtube reviews I found people either absolutely love it totally hate iit!

I find it so very very clever, it may be annoying but annoyance sells as it gets in your head and gets your talking even if it may be negative, its a matter of gaining brand awareness which I think Yell achieves with this advert.

Did anyone else have this catchy tune in their head?

It will be interesting to see how they carry the campaign on and what else they have up their sleeves!
Check out the video below to see the advert if you haven't already.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Banksy Vs Bristol Museum

Banksy ( who's identity is still unknown) has executed his latest stunt in his hometown of Bristol!
Banksy was given free rein over Biristol Museum when a the shut the museum for two days and two nights and allowed him to cause havoc of the whole museum!
The exhibition open 13th July and will stay one until August 31st.( Free admission).

My housemate had the pleasure of going on the opening weekend and had to wait and hour and a half ( considering that she was there at 8 on a Sunday) but said it was definitely worth the wait. He has managed to attract and entice many different audiences with people travelling from all around to see his work.

The response I got was " he has managed to address real life controversial subjects and turn them into constructive art by adding humour and realism".

He is very inspiration and he encourage people to not shy away from subjects that are thought of as taboo and is not afraid to speak out.
Fingers crossed I will be visiting the exhibition for myself and cannot wait!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We are what we do...

We Are What We Do is a new kind of movement inspiring people to change the world one small action at a time.( Developed by Eugene Harvey and supported by the Joffe Charitable trust.)

Our philosophy is simple:
small actions x lots of people = big change

We have the 130 small things that you can do to change really big things

I found out about this website when I was given one of their ir books

" Change the world for a fiver''. Features 50 simple actions to change the world and make you feel good.

"It is an ingeniously executed book aimed at galvanising alienated Britons to do something for a society devoid of fellow feeling and good neighbourliness." - The Guardian

"The book's themes and ethos really appealed to me," says Pauline Ireland, a drama teacher and citizenship co-ordinator at the Thomas Lord Audley School in Colchester, Essex. "They are things that young people ought to know, such as manners and helping others, but schools don't have the time to teach." - The Daily Telegraph.

The way the book stressing or gives examples of each point are unique and quirky.

The book they range from hand drawn illustration to photographs, it using ambient media to stress certain subjects. Its as if every page has a different concept, there are tearaway pages and products that you can use in the book so it interacts with the reader. It was designed by Antidote with a creative team of 9 people each creative individual that contributed to the book has done for free ( which reinforces the whole concept of ' "we are what we do'".)

If you can get your hands on this book I would strong recommended using it. I has some insignificant tasks in your day, but with some of these smalls actions your could make someone else day that much better.

Here's a couple of examples:

* recycle your mobile phone

*send time with someone from a different generation..

* Pay more when you buy a charity shops.

* take time to listen (combating derpression)

Take a look at the website:

and start to change the world!

Monday, July 13, 2009


LinkLinkQuirky is a company that basically helps make product ideas into reality. It can be any product that someone feels passionate about they encourage you to submit idea and urge you to give your opinions on produccts they are about to release.

It was founded by 22-year-old entrepreneur-in-chief, Ben . He states:
the solution to bringing virtually any product idea to life and putting it into the hands of consumers. Part process, part platform...we're pretty sure quirky will change the way people think about product development forever.

Take a look at the website:
I personally like their 'Us' page all the team seem to have their own sort of 'character' and qurikyness. They've adopted a personal approach, so it's more like reading a about someone on a friend level rather than trying to be ' professional'.
I really like the animation, its simple, basic yet it communicates exactly what they want. It introduces the business's fun approach to work without looking like it's immature or trying too hard to be unqiue. or 'quirky' in this case.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Nick Griffin BNP

When I first saw the video of Nick griffin being pelted with eggs (considering I didn't really know who he was), I was quite shocked that someone could do that on public TV and that the woman who did it didn’t get caught for another 3 days. Technically she was committing a crime.

I've recently seen the video of Nick Griffin saying, " I didn't say anyone should be murdered at sea - I say boats should be sunk, they can throw them a life raft and they can go back to Libya."
This shocked me even more (this isn't a rant about my political views by the way). It’s the fact that the political leader for BNP has the guts to say something like that. This Automatically made me feel angry.

The reason I'm writing about this is that it is interesting for me, considering that I don't follow politics how the media has influenced my emotions to feel slightly sorry for an MP when eggs are pelted at them, then suddenly realising his views made me feel disgust and anger.
In my eyes I feel that the media can influence the public in any which way they please.

Shawshank Redemption

Below is one of the most emotional, moving and engaging scene in this movie.
Personally I think watching just this one scene will give you and understanding of the whole concept behind this movie and being in prison.
You as the audience can some how understand feeling the of finally feeling free and liberated while in a confined environment.
If you haven't watched this movie I urge you to, my description does it no justice in comparison to the real thing.
The wirtter and director Frank Darabont has delivered this movie with excellence, I applaud his genius.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lincoln Cathedral

Above is an image I took of the outside of the Lincoln Cathedral so you can grasp an understanding of the sheer size of the building as it towers over you. The cathedral is the heart of the town and towers over the quaint city.
Part of the Movie 'The Da Vinci codes was also filmed in the cathedral.

When you walk into the main building its quite hard to embrace it. The ceiling towers over you, the colour shines through the main glass window at the back of the building it is definitely the focal point and the first thing that hits you when you walk in.
It's amazing the feeling you get when you walk into the Cathedral.
The exterior and interior are very Gothic this is why I decided to convert the image to monochrome , even though it is a place of worship if feel it has quite a dark and eerie feel about it and would like to experience it in the evening.

Below I inserted am image if took of the interior that is converted to monchrome so that you can see how the the high ceilings hit you.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life Flows better with Visa

Don Thomas (Ian Parton remix)
Come on Train

location Argentina
featuring Bill Shannon
(on crutches)

By Saatchi & Saatchi.

What an intelligent piece of communication, there's not much else I could say .
The advert is so clever, its entices the audience with an up beat feel, bringing out a childish side.
Unfortunately chatting to a few friends, they say they hate it, as it doesn't make sense,why would he be on crutches in the first place? Personally that's the reason I like it, as it's so random.
The music's accompaniment goes perfectly with the flow of the advert, it's the type of tune that when you here it you just want to hum along. My initial reaction was that I really want to give it a go.
I wish I had such genius!

Camden Market

I visited Camden Market for the first time last weekend, It's a surreal place in the Middle of London. I definitely felt as if I wasn't in the UK , there is has such a mix of people and the atmosphere is unique with a real buzz in the air, it has a similar feel to a market in Morroco or Turkey. Its an electric atmosphere with all the colours, smells and foods ( I felt like a complete tourist).

Amongst the stores of clothes, jewellery and I found the architecture to be very bold and enticing. The manicans and figurines were either hanging out of shop windows or were part of the architecture of the building. Only in London would you find a place like Camden.

Paris Jackson

Yesterday was the emotional memorial for Michael Jackson a true musical genius, legend and not forgetting a father and brother .This was an event that will be will be a part of history

I've noticed that people have been remembering Jackson the entertainer, at work people are often listening to his classics, even when out clubbing venues are playing his music in dedication.

Why did I find this fascinating??

I am amazed to see peoples response to the death of an iconic man but also a person that they did not know ,how people can be so emotionally attached and feel bereaved .

It was not only a memorial but also the first public appearance of Michael Jacksons Daughter Paris ,11.

It was as if the whole world knew about this remarkable event, if people weren't at home watching it they were catching video links online or on their phones.When I logged onto facebook peoples status was directed at Paris's speech they had written "you are not alone Paris' and " your father was a great man".
I found myself watching the news feeds after reading these posts about her speech..

Paris Katherine Jackson words were "Ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine".
I think that this was the point is when it struck home that Jackson was not just and entertainer but a father to three children, who have now lost their father.
Its amazing to see how just a few simple words can touch the publics heart.
This is making me wonder how deep and powerful words can really be, does everything have to be visual?