Monday, September 28, 2009

When graphic artists get bored ( photoshop manipulation)

I came across this random video post on youtube, all of the images used on the video are photoshop manipulated images that can be found on
I did try looking for the artists who created them on the website but there's such a vast amount of images on the site and had no luck.

To be honest to person who posted it arsap hasn't really done much work apart from collate some images together, none the less the final outcome is an amazing slideshow of very quirky, unique and well executed photoshop manipulations.

I think this may need to be an art I need to familiarise myself with as some of the images are so unreal.
There's some real imagination that has gone into them, not even thinking about the time taken to do this but I think the artist must take real pride in their work as some of the manipulated images look so real.
Seeing images like these has made me want to learn these technical skills and restored my faith in creating art for the fun of it.

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