Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oxford and Keeble College

I recently visited Oxford for the first time even though it’s only down the road. I absolutely fell in love with the place; it's a beautiful place with so much character and history. I was a complete tourist and decided to go on the open top bus tour, it was pretty great though I got to see some the most historical parts of Oxford and learnt some interesting facts.

Take a look at the building that houses starbucks, I've never seen one with so much character!

I also loved the old sign posts, I know its a pretty random thing to notice but its small details like these that I think personally makes a place historic, its gives it a sort of grandeur and elegance instead of the standard boring sign post with missing letters of chipped paint that you will see in most places.

A friend of mine was working at Keeble College ( Oxford University Halls) so I had a quick peek around the main grounds. As soon as you walk through the main doors you enter the college gardens, which was an experience in its own it had a well landscaped grass middle with lowering steps with the main building surrounding it. I love the way the layout of the building and grounds was designed it creates a real atmosphere, as if you have just walked into a scene from and old movie and left real life behind.
Below are a few shots of the Keeble College grounds:

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